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Saturday 1 August 2009

Another favourite pic

Promise this is my last blog, for tonight. Just wanted to share another of my fave pics. Probably doesn't mean much to anyone else. But I adore Mackenzie in her converse, I think they're so practical. I think they look lovely with anything from jeans to a pretty dress. So when we went to seaside and she just threw them on the sand I thought great photo opportunity.

Fleur XXX


Daisy Chain said...

Hi Fleur.

Thanks for visiting me and leaving your lovely comment. How clever you are making those baby and disney books from scratch. I love them, and have often wanted to make some myself but never have done yet.

I love your shot of the boots, detail shots are so important, and people often forget. I sometimes get strange looks when I am taking random shots and close-ups, but when people see the finished product they understand it all adds to the feel you're trying to create. So I'll carry on doing strange things in the name of art.

I want to try to set up some sort of fashion shoot with my son and daughter too, to make up a portfolio for potential clients. Don't know how I'll get on though, I need somewhere interesting to shoot 'on location' Hey listen to me getting all 'technical'.

Hope to see you soon.

hugs Debbie xx

Bridgette said...

Hello Fleur - these word books are lovely - masses of detail, loads to look at - I had to smile at the 'high tops' - John recently got Vans sneakers and similar photos were taken and extra 'bits' kept for scrapping the page, tag, tissue paper etc - what are we like? - Bridgette xxx