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Friday 27 November 2009

An award from Chris!

Whoopy! I have been sent my very first award from the Chris,
Pop over to her fantastic blog Always about colour to see her beautiful creations!
Thank you so much Chris for thinking of me!

Once you accept this award you must do the following:

Thank the sender for nominating you.

Make sure you link to the person that nominated you.
Nominate 7 creative bloggers
Copy the logo onto your blog.
List 7 interesting things about yourself.
Post lincs to their blog
Leave a comment for each letting them know of their nomination

Here's 7 things you may find interesting about me:

I love my family - even more than craft.

I'm absolutely terrified of  moths.

I wear my heart on my sleeve (big time)

I love spending time with my crafting friends.

I hardly ever go to bed before midnight.

I love smelly candles.

Autumn is my very favourite season.

Here's 7 creative bloggers (in no particular order)

There are many more Great Bloggers I would've loved to send this award to!
I didn't send it to my friend's who have also received it from Chris!
Thanks Chris - Big Hugs Fleur


Minxy said...

Aw hun, thank you so much...thats so sweet of you,i've been feeling kinda low lately so thats really made my day {{{cyber hug}}}
Minxy x

Nicki said...

Wow, thank you so much Fleur, this is lovely. I'll have to get my thinking cap on now, for who to pass it on to, and to think of 7 interesting things to say about me! Hugs, Nicki, xx

Leanne said...

Oh wow, thank you so much for this lovely award!!


Kathy said...

Thank you so much Fleur!!! WOW I am blown away!! Congrats to you as well for receiving the award too!!! Hope your having a fabulous week-end!!

Jane said...

Aw thanks so much Fleur! It gives me such a boost when I get feedback on my blog!


Lilian said...

Wowee! Congratulations for the award Fleur and THANK YOU for thinking of me. You are just so sweeet! Have a wonderful day!