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Saturday, 10 December 2011

No card from me this week,

Good morning everyone,
Hope you are well.
I haven't made any cards this week, 
But it's challenge time at


So pop over and join the fun.

I, on the other hand, got up to a bit of distressing of a completely different nature!!!!

I had a momentary laps in concentration and like everyone keeps telling me, we all have them, I was just really unlucky and got caught out ~ BIG TIME!!! 
I just didn't see the car stop in front of me.
Felt stiff & very sore for a couple of days,
but thankfully on the mend, just sore chest when I reach for things.
Thankfully everyone was ok & a huge lesson has been learnt.
On a nicer note I will defo be back next week with a card.
and take care everyone!


Kathyk said...

Looks like the person behind you didn't either! Sorry to hear about your accident and just hope there are no lasting repercussions on the whiplash front either. Cars are replaceable, people aren't - thank heavens you weren't more badly injured.

All the best


Donna Mosley said...

Oh! Fleur, sorry to hear about the accident hun, it only takes a split second, just glad you're ok. I felt rubbish for a couple of week after my bump, just make sure you take care of yourself, whiplash is horrendous. Sending you a HUGE hug.

Donna x

Jane said...

Oh My goodness Fleur!! So glad to hear you are okay!

Sue said...

Fleur,I am glad you are not to bad.That looks a nasty bump.Cars can get fixed.
Hugs Sue

cardmaking bird said...

Oh hun, sooooo glad you're OK!!!! I did that once - and went into the back of a Fiat Multipla (hate those bloody cars now!!!!) Did no damage to my little Ford Ka (other than knocking the bumper a bit, which my dad fixed with a screw of two) but got a 2 grand bill for the Fiat - something to do with their ugly boot mechanism!!!!!! Hugs Marie xxx

Fiona said...

oh fleur...thanks goodness you are ok!!


Annie said...

oh my Fleur! I am glad you are mending nicely, hope the car gets fixed soon too!
hugs, annie x

Vicky said...

Oh sweetie what a shame but sooooooo glad that you are ok cars are replaceable shug you are not!! Hope you are not too sore & that you feel much better soon.
Take care hun.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

Jessie said...

I'm so sorry about your car Fleur, hope you are doing ok x

Faye said...

Oh Hun, I am so sorry, hope you feel back to normal soon. xxx

Unknown said...

Oh dear, what a messed up car! But at least you got out ok and you are not messed up too! Hope there is no lasting damage.

Emma xx

Doreen said...

Oh Fleur what a terrible thing to happen!!! no-one hurt that is the main thing.xxx

sara said...

omgosh fleur you poor thing thank goodness you are ok sending hugs
sara x x x x x

Kirsty said...

Hi oh my that must have been so terrifying for you. So glad you are okay! Keep resting !! Kitty :D

Wendy said...

Oh fleur hun it looks nasty I hope you are feeling ok take card of yourself hun


Maria Therese said...

Oh dear!! Poor you!

Unknown said...

OMG Fleur, that is awful, I am so sorry to hear about your accident... Thank God no one got hurt, a car is replaceable, so always thank HIM even though this happened. Sending big hugs your way xxx

Nikbee said...

What a horrible thing to have happened. I'm so glad everyone is okay. Take care,
Nikki x

Chrissy said...

OMG....Fleur, this boought a flood of memories back to me.. so glad you are alright, and everyone else involved is ok....someone was watching over you, could have been so much worse...hope your stiffness leaves you soon, a car can be replaced, but not our Fleur...take care.


Claire said...

WOW Fleur, a nasty bump there hun, but the main thing is that you are OK. Cars can be fixed! It happens to us all hun and it shakes you up. Hugs, Claire x

Maria said...

Sorry to hear about your accident, thank God you are ok.
Sending big hugs,


DesignerDiva said...

Omg Fleur I hope your ok! It could happen to us all quite easily! Hope
Mac wasn't with you things like that can be really traumatic for kids.
Was looking at your beautiful cards today in Sir Stampalot.
Hugs Laurie x

Lynsey said...

Hi Fleur so sorry to hear your bad news, hope you are ok now.
Hugs Lynsey x

Nicole said...

Thank heaven everybody is oké. Take care. Hugs, Nicole

Debbie said...

I always say if everyone is ok and not hurt, metal can cope, and no harm done. People worry after about the money etc,but put it into prospective...no one was hurt!! Best wishes Debbiexx

Kim x said...

So glad you are OK.
hugs Kimx

Bianca said...


We are really lucky having this safe cars! But I have to say, I never want to see the airbags of my car. That must be very scarry for you!

Hope you feel better every day


cheryl said...

oh my gosh hun,looks really bad,so glad you are okay hun,gosh that could have been really nasty take care sweetie hugs cherylx

coops said...

oh my word fleur.that looks nasty but am pleased that you are mostly ok.do take it easy though.

xx coops xx

Mummylade said...

Christ, it's even worse when I see the actual damage to the car. I'm so glad you're ok!!

Mandy G said...

Hi Fleur,
holy cow thats a nasty bump I am sooo glad to hear you are ok.
Join the club I have had 3 I am ashamed to say been a few years since the last one though (touch wood)
Big Hugs

CraftyC said...

Hope your on the mend Fleur!

Louise said...

Omg Fleur that looks a bit of a mess but so glad you are ok ,cars can be replaced but you can't
Sending big hugs
Louise xx

Christina said...

Ohh Fleur that looks awfull! Glad you came out all right!
Hugs Kristel

D K Crafts said...

Hi Fleur. Sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you are ok. Take Care. Donna